Alasdair was thrilled to visit the renowned The Landing School, where he engaged with an accomplished class of yacht design students. His presentation on designing to ISO standards was met with enthusiasm and attentiveness. “I explained that while technical standards are perceived as a brake on creativity, innovation can be maximised by identifying the parameters the standards constrain most at the outset, and designing around them—rather than completing a design and then having to compromise it, to fit the standards afterward.”

As well as its yacht design course, The Landing School offers a multidisciplinary program that allows students to learn how to work with wood and composite materials, honing their skills through the construction of various watercraft. The courses cover the full spectrum from traditional boats and methods, to the design students who were exceptionally innovative and modern in approach.

Impressed by the calibre of the students and their diverse design projects, Alasdair wished them all the best for their bright futures.


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