On 6 April 2023, Saudi Arabia laid down its “Technical Regulation for Watercrafts” reference MA-191-23-05-01-01.
At first glance, the regulations look very like the EU Recreational Craft Directive, using the same standards but far stricter certification requirements.

Like RCD only Different

The regulation is nearly a cut-and-paste of the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) but there are some very notable differences.

One obvious difference is for all the labels and maker board to be in the Arabic language but perhaps the most significant difference is that every product in the scope of TRW must be certified by an Accepted Body.  The RCD, by contrast, only requires higher-risk craft to be certified. What is more, ongoing production requires ongoing factory visits by an Accepted Body.

The next most important difference relates to standards. While RCD proposes harmonised standards as one method for meeting the Essential Requirements of the Directive, TRW obliges conformity to a specific list of standards. Manufacturers who have applied EU harmonised standards will be pleased to note that the same ISO standards are listed in TRW. By contrast, manufacturers who chose to employ alternatives to EU harmonised standards for Europe, UK, Australia or wherever else the EU RCD is recognised, will need to amend their documentation, if not their products, for sale in Saudi Arabia.

Status of HPiVS

HPiVS, through its collaboration with Intertek UK, Accepted Body #0071, is able to issue certificates for TRW. 

Contact us today to ensure full compliance with all regulations or to schedule inspections for selling crafts to Saudi Arabian suppliers.