Following the recent announcement by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) to cease its Approved Body service for the European Recreational Craft Regulations, HPi finds itself the sole RCR certifier native to UK.

This now means that HPi carries the sole UK vote at the RSG forum (where technical interpretations for RCR are debated and regulated).  HPi understands the gravity of this responsibility and is now planning a series of winter events where UK boatbuilders can get to know HPi and discuss technical interpretation of standards such that HPi can better represent the UK industry’s concerns.  The next RSG meeting is in Nantes in November.

HPi has also recently joined the committee of the British Marine Federation’s Leisure Boat Builder’s Association (LBBA). This is an excellent forum for this type of discussion and HPi would encourage all BMF member boat builders to attend their meetings. (The next LBBA meeting will be at the London Boat Show in January 2013).

Watch this news channel for details of these events but if any manufacturers wish to discuss any technical regulatory issues, they should contact us.

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