HPi-CEproof was pleased with the feedback from the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations (PER) seminar & training course organized by ABS Group Consulting and ABS Thailand at the Dusit Princess Hotel in Bangkok on 5-7th Nov.

Over 30 attendees, including several local representatives of pressure vessel manufacturers and design engineers, enjoyed the course.  The program included:

  • a presentation on the European New Legislative Framework (NLF) in the context of UKCA marking,
  • a full explanation of the PER
  • case studies showing how ASME VIII Div.1 code is an efficient tool to comply with the PER’s Essential Safety Requirements.

The speakers were:

  • Terry Egginton (HPi – Technical Director)
  • Matteo Convento (HPi – Principal Engineer)
  • Victor Tang (ABS Consulting – General Manager, Shanghai)

Specific emphasis on technical subjects such as welding standards (ASME IX vs EN), design (differences with EN 13445), material certification and hydrostatic test criteria was particularly appreciated by ABS Country managers who will be able to transfer the knowledge to PER surveyors and coordinators in China, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan.

The initiative is to be repeated in 2014 in Thailand and elsewhere.

Please contact HPi if you would like a seminar in your neighbourhood.

Matteo Convento presenting in Bangkok

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