In the recent days, 3 updates & 1 entirely new RCR standard, have been harmonised:

  • EN ISO 10133:2012 Small craft – Electrical systems – Extra-low voltage d.c. installations
  • EN ISO 13297:2012 Small craft – Electrical systems – Alternating current installations
  • EN ISO 21487:2012 Small craft – Permanently installed petrol and diesel fuel tanks
  • EN ISO 25197:2012 Small craft – Electrical/electronic control systems for steering, shift and throttle

This means that the clock is ticking towards the day by which manufacturers should have changed production from the old to the new standard. RSG has also introduced some recent changes in interpretation of which the industry should be aware.

Download the HPi RCR Update Bulletin 2013-04-03 which provides a synopsis of the major changes to the standards and interpretations and the dates by which the changes should be implemented.

For further details, contact us.

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