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Graduate Careers with HPi-CEproof

What We Do

We suppose that you have already discovered what it is that we do at HPi-CEproof and if you have reached this point, you are interested in a career with us. We’re delighted you’re here but first we need to make sure you have the relevant credentials.

Our Disciplines

Our various accreditations demand that our Engineers are suitably qualified for the work that we do.  This means that we can only accept Engineers with qualifications and/or experience in the following disciplines (and the many variations of them):


  • Marine Engineering

  • Materials Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Naval Architecture

  • Structural Engineering

  • Yacht & Boat Design

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Chartered Engineer Status & Membership of Professional Institutions

We encourage all graduate engineers to work towards Chartered Engineer status, or equivalent for those from outside UK.  We can provide mentors from a number engineering disciplines to help you progress from graduate, through associate to full membership of the professional institution of your choice (including IMechE, RINA, IMarEST and others). We have already overseen Chartered Engineer status for several members of staff and we take an active role in the life of professional institutions.

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1 Year Paid Internship

For those with little or no experience, it all starts with a 1 year paid internship, based at our offices in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.  Towards the end of this year, we’ll review your progress with the needs of the company with a view to making an offer of a permanent position.

During the year, you will be provided with a mentor who will ensure that you are engaged, happy and also that you are being challenged and are learning.  It is likely that you will be seconded to work with our clients, seeing how they manufacture the products we certify in greater detail.

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Who Should Apply?

Our Engineers visit clients a great deal, usually on their own. This requires confidence but we can help you build that as your experience grows.  We can’t, however, help you build an innate interest in other people.  If you are the sort of Engineer who wants to hide behind a computer screen, then HPi-CEproof is not the place for you.  That is not to say that we don’t value IT skills. On the contrary, our Engineers have written a great deal of engineering software. Computers are at the very core of our business.  But what our Engineers value most about their professional lives are the relationships they have built with clients and industry associates.  You need to enjoy a good technical discussion with people to work here.

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What Would You Be Doing?

The company offers 2 types of internship:  MARINE  and MECHANICAL

In either case, the role will start with plan approval.  This is the process whereby the design drawings and specifications of products that are submitted for certification are reviewed. They are assessed against a plethora of different industry standards and regulations as well as general product safety.  This will give the candidate skills in reading engineering drawings and start building a familiarity with the technical standards that guide our industry.  This will often require some design calculations using bespoke software.

The next role is to inspect products through production.  This is not only to ensure they are built to the plans that were approved but also to ensure that we understood the plans properly and that the product was not misrepresented.  There are often details that were not shown on the drawings that have an impact on compliance and safety. An analytical attitude is essential.

Finally, the completed product must be tested to ensure that it achieves its design objectives. You will witness testing in order to verify the product is fit for purpose.

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Details of the Internship Program

Start Date: 20 August 2018

End Date: 16 August 2019

Application Deadline: 28 February 2018

Remuneration: £20,000

Location: Wallingford, Oxfordshire

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